Chapter-6 “Driven by Ambition”

Finally the day arrived for which we all were excited and looking forward. Today is the day of the clash between various colleges in different competitions.

These past days have been quite a memorable one. I was entrusted with the responsibility of making a blueprint for the promotion of various events, which kept me busy. Annie was busy in her dance routines.

Since with both of us being busy, we couldn’t spend much time together. To make up for it we used weekends to spend time together.

And with Ryder nothing could have been more better. We are getting to know many things about each other. We talk all the time on text and in college.

You must be thinking how did we managed to talk all the time with the competitions getting in the scene and all.

The answer is simple. Annie was practicing in totally other block which means there’s no chance of our meeting in break time because one has to travel in this scorching heat for seven to ten minutes to reach where I was working.

But with Ryder the case was different. His sessions were being conducted in the auditorium which happened to be in the same block as mine, he managed to take some time out and chill with me.

Sometimes, I even got to see him acting some of the scenes.

He is such a talented actor. His expressions are so natural. I believe he can actually have a long career in this field.

These past days I was in a panicky mode also almost all the time. He managed to keep me calm every single time,suggested me some ideas and sometimes bought ice cream to make me happy.

My feelings for him are increasing day by day. I know this for sure that he isn’t aware of this fact because I think boys seem to have low IQ in these matters.

I am really enjoying how my life is shaping after coming to college.

Everything has turned out perfectly well for today’s competition which is about to start at any moment.

Fortunately I don’t have any work today because my area of work have been completed but I volunteered myself to give an extra hand if needed.

The lineup for the event was very interesting. First will be the dance competition in which Annie will be performing.

After that singing and dramatics competition. Sadly I have to wait a little longer to watch Ryder perform.

I dressed myself fairly well for today and actually put some efforts but obviously nothing extravagant. Annie lent me her halter neck blue dress which I paired it with grayish blue boots gifted by my mom. To complete the look I applied some eye liner and pink lipstick.

My hairs were left hanging open in their natural curls. Overall I was contented with my look.

Currently I was standing backstage to provide help for the inaugural.

“you look beautiful Aria. I bet Ryder can’t keep his eyes off you. “Annie came from behind and complimented me with a wink.

” thank you for the dress ann. “I hugged her to show my gratitude.

Annie was already ready in her dance costume. She looked sexy in it. It accentuated all her curves. Her hair was tied in a high messy ponytail. She was looking hot in that.

My cell phone beeped and indicated that it’s time for the inaugural. I gave my best wishes to her for the performance and went to finish my last work for today that was to give report about every department.

After completing it I went towards the auditorium hall to find myself a place to sit.

I entered the hall and there was so much of noise. I spotted Annie from her designated place of participants. She was sitting there with her dance team. I know she won’t mind but it would be awkward to sit with them.
That’s why I kept on searching for some other known faces to sit with.


“ahhhhhhhh” I shouted and Ryder came into sight. I looked around and everyone was staring at me like I’m some hobo creature.

“what on the earth were you trying to do? “I faked anger towards him.
I collected myself and took a look at him. He was casually dressed in white shirt with rolled up sleeves , blue denims that hung low on his waist and messy hairdo. Without doing anything too he looked hot.

” done drooling over me? “he raised one eyebrow and then broke into fits of laughter.

I slapped him on the back and he took out his tongue to tease me.

” Wow you smell good Aria. “he mocked me.

“hastings you hurt my feelings. I smell good everyday. “i boasted myself.

” hey Ryder. What’s up buddy. “I heard a girl’s voice from behind Ryder.

He turned around and I saw Lisa there. Lisa is the same girl with whom I saw Ryder in the parking lot earlier.

Ryder half hugged her from sideways and I felt kind of uneasy.

Over the days I am well acquainted with Lisa but something about her irked me always.

Maybe because of the parking lot scene I am jealous with her. All in all I am not a very big fan of her. I fake a smile here and there only because she is a good friend of Ryder and he considers her as his sister.

They both were engrossed in their talks so I took it as my cue to leave.

I turned around and took a few steps. “Aria where are you going?” Ryder shouted from behind.

“I was about to find myself a seat. “I answered.

” no come sit with us. I insist. We are not sitting with group as for now. When the dance competition gets over you go and sit with Annie and we’ll head our ways to do some pre-checks for the competition “he spoke casually.

Since he insisted on sitting with him I agreed to it. Anyway I couldn’t find anyone to sit with so I could always use a company.

We found a seat two three rows back to where Annie’s dance team was sitting.

The inaugural ceremony started and everything was pretty much boring. Ryder and Lisa were busy talking about the competition, their opponents. In between their talks Ryder would ask me “are you getting bored” and I would simply fake a no.

After few minutes I saw a very cute guy coming towards our seat and he came to sit by my side.

“Hey you from this college?” The guy beside me spoke.

I could see his face clearly now. He is definitely a cute and a good looking personality.

“Yeah. From this college only.” I smiled.

“Ohhh hello I am klark with a k.” And he grinned after saying that showing his white teeth.

That brought a smile to my face.

Ryder poked me from the side.I turned towards him and asked “what”

“Who are you talking to?” He questioned.

“Klark .” with that I turned again towards Klark to continue our chat.

We talked a bit and I came to know that he is from different college and is here for solo dance competition.

Ryder nudged again. I turned around and glared at him. He gave me a sheepish grin. I noticed Lisa was also gone.

“I am getting bored. Talk to me.” He said in his kid like authoritative tone.

Before I could speak, the dance competitions started and music started blaring from the speakers. There’s no use to shout to speak to each other so I told him to enjoy the performances and rested back on my seat to enjoy the show.
Performances after performances came. We hooted, clapped, shouted, screamed and cheered in every way possible.

Finally it was time for our college’s team. Both Ryder and I shouted “go Annie!!!” The auditorium erupted into sounds of clapping.
Their performance started and I was amazed to say the least. There was sense of college pride embedded in all of us. When the performances ended many students gave them standing ovations including us.

When annie came after few minutes I stood up from my seat and hugged the life out of her.
“Annie what you and your team did there was simply amazing.” I exclaimed with joy.

As discussed it was cue for Ryder to leave. I said my best wishes to him.

Annie took the seat in which Ryder was sitting earlier and i introduced Annie with klark.

Hours passed with us enjoying the contestants performance. There’s so much talent everywhere. All these people are really gifted.

Klark also performed and did some hip hop style. He was also very good. I cheered for him too despite him being in different college because for me talent matters.

After much wait finally the performances were coming to an end.

Dramatics people kept coming on the stage and started showing their acts one by one. I was still filled with energy because I want to cheer for Ryder.

“Now please welcome on the stage the dramatics society of the home college.”

Again on hearing the college’s name there was a different level of excitement and welcome.

My eyes searched for one person only and stayed glued there.

The theater went quiet. And some light music started playing.

Ryder was in the main lead of course. I gave my full attention to the play and him.
The play’s plot revolved around Paul. He was an outcast. Every one just told him he was mad, weird and of no good. He got under depression and then he became friend with an old man who helped him to get over it and encouraged him to get back on his feet. How he dealt with it and came strong was the highlight of this play.

The play was on a serious issue and Ryder portrayed his role beautifully. Those depressed scenes actually made my heart wrenched. When the play ended a single drop of tear left my eyes.
Everyone in the hall stood up and appreciated them. I have never seen Ryder enacting the whole play. The play and his acting moved everyone and one could actually relate what was happening with Paul.

I felt proud for him.

Since this was the last performance the results were to be announced shortly for all the competitions.

The crowd went on murmuring. Annie and klark left my side and went in the front rows where all of the participants were supposed to assemble.
“Now now people. The wait is almost over. After much contemplation and discussion the results are here.” The event anchor spoke.

“So the winner of the dance competition is dance unityyyy.”

Dance unity was our college team’s name which means Annie won.

With that being heard I jumped off my seat in joy.This is freaking awesome. I couldn’t be more happier for her. She and her team deserved it.

And then names of the runner ups of different competitions were announced. Klarke didn’t win but he got a special mention.
“Lastly, the winner of the drama competition is without any doubt the play ‘being you’ performed by the dramatics society of the home college”

I felt on cloud nine after hearing the results and controlled myself from running towards Ryder and congratulating him.
When the team was descending the stairs after taking the award I ran towards Ryder and congratulated him with much enthusiasm. His expressions clearly showed he was still in the joyous shock.

He hugged me so tightly and whispered “we won”.

This was the moment. If someone would have told – him hugging me someday, I would have never believed it. But this was actually coming true. I was living this moment and could never forget it.


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