Chapter- 5 “Just coffee Things”

Annie pov 

After getting a break from my dance practice I was going outside to rest. Midway between I saw Ryder coming in my direction.

I was confused for a second. He finally came to a stop in front me. This is the first time I am seeing him panicked.

“I need to talk to you about your friend. “he said in his panicky voice.

Friend. Which friend. Is it Aria. No that can’t be her. But maybe she can be.

I put a pause to all my thoughts and responded ” friend? Which friend.? “I asked trying to sound casual.

” that friend whom I bumped into the cafeteria yesterday. I actually don’t know her name. “he sound kind of embarrassed.

” ohh she is Aria. But what about her. “I was also getting worried about it.

He then explained me the whole scenario. How it happened and how she reacted.

Poor Aria. She has to face all this. I was actually angry at him when he told me everything.

I mean how could he do this. But after much explanation from him I think he was sorry for how he behaved.

It’s still a mistake but I think he has realized it.

“so what do you want from me now “I questioned him still annoyed at him.

” please I need your help. Tell me how can I end this matter. You are her friend. You must know what can I do. “he asked me almost begging.

We then discussed what can we do for some time. By the end of this conversation I could see him relieved.

He really is affected by all this. I decided to ask him but then there’s no point in asking now. Let this matter cool down first.

He thanked me and we both went to our ways. I have to start practicing my routine again.

Inter college competitions are approaching and we have to win this time at any cost.

This time our college is hosting it so we have to keep the pride of the college intact.

Various competitions will be held – dancing, singing, stage plays, sports games etc.

Every society is busy with the practice only. Hours and hours of hard work.

I have always dreamt my career in dancing. Particularly in contemporary dancing.

“hey Annie back from the break “kelly exclaimed.

Kelly was our society president. She is a wonderful dancer and knows how to work in a group.

Everyone were coming back from the break they were given.
We started practicing again. My partner was Eddie. He is one of the finest dancers I have known. He knows how to make every move so comfortable and does it so softly.

I have an itsy bitsy crush on him. He is good looking, a born dancer, a gentleman and his naturally toned body is to die for.

We are friends though. After Aria I put him in my friends list.

Given the crush on him I never felt awkward dancing with him. As a matter of fact I feel more secured and more emotions are brought out.

I feel good while dancing with him. And he brings out the best in my dancing.

Aria pov

I am filled with anger and hurt now. I parked my car outside my house and ran upstairs.

I locked myself in the room and played my favourite play list from the speakers.

I hate silence. Finally I laid down on the bed and tears started streaming out through my eyes.

I somehow composed myself after some minutes and got lost in the music that was playing to divert my mind.

After hours of lying down on my bed I looked outside the window.

I was pretty shocked to see that it’s already dark outside. I went downstairs towards my dining table.

Mom and dad were already seated there.

“ohh there you are. I was going to call you for dinner. “mom spoke while setting the plates on the table.

Dad and mom both were throwing concerned glances towards me. I know they are worried about me.

I reached out for my plate and ate dinner quietly without looking anywhere else except for my plate.

Just staring at it like this is the most interesting thing I could ever see.

I hurriedly finished it and went into my room to sleep. Atleast for a little while I can transport myself to some other world.

Next day in the morning I took a long shower and took out the nearest pair of clothes I could get to wear today.

I was really not in a mood to go today but then Annie said she will feel alone.

I parked the car and went towards my locker. Today Annie won’t be joining me because she has some early rehearsals.

My first lecture today is of Mr Matthews, our marketing teacher. He is really a funny man who doesn’t believe in giving bookish knowledge. He would sometimes mimic famous ads to explain the matter in hand.

After what seems like an eternity to me because my I couldn’t concentrate properly today, the bell rang. There were chatters everywhere.

I made my way towards the locker and opened it to dump the books there.


My phone beeped and a message came. It was from Annie. I opened it

Meet me in janitor’s room. Some thing important to discuss.

I rushed towards the room to find her. I opened the door but it was dark.

“Annie. Annie where are you? “I shouted. No answer came. I entered inside to find the switch but suddenly I hear the doors getting closed. I couldn’t see anything.

With each passing second my heart beat rose fast. Before I could scream or shout, a dim light opened. I noticed towards the source of the light and in all its glory was standing Ryder scratching his head innocently.

My heart melted for a second because he was looking so cute. The dim rays of the light added a natural effect on his face.

My emotions again surged on the top.

I found my voice and spoke “you scared me.” he must have understood the situation and throw an apologetic look towards my face.

“I know. But I want to apologize to you for tomorrow. I know you don’t want to see my face after tomorrow’s incident so I told Annie to help me”. Before he could continue I stopped him midway.

“whatttt Annie helped you. She lied to me. How could she. “I was mumbling with myself. I felt betrayed and at the same time furious.

I know maybe I am overreacting but one thing I hate the most are lies.

” she could have told me “I whispered

Ryder jumped in before I stretch the matter.

” she could have but then again think if I had told you, would you come? No right. But listen I am really sorry for yesterday and even for today for lying to you. ”

“okay.” I replied rudely and made my way towards the exit before he could speak anything. I slammed the door hardly.

I was really pissed off on how the situation was turning and how I reacted. I may have handled it maturely and ended the matter right there but when emotions are involved I become a wrecking mess.

I need some alone time to calm myself so I made my way towards the library.
Nanoseconds, seconds and minutes passed. I was feeling better now.

Now I can leave the library. As I was standing up

“good morning students. This is to announce you that due to sudden death of Mr. Perks, our staff member in a road accident all the classes will be suspended today. May his kind soul rest in peace. ”

Though I didn’t knew Mr. Perks personally but when someone you know passes away you always feel bad. Plus he was a kind man always helpful from what I have been heard.

I was not in a mood to go home so early and neither I want to be in the college. That leaves me with only one option.

STARBUCKS….. it’s actually what I need the most. Those tantalizing smile of coffee beans is enough to make me feel better.

Starbucks never fails to bring a smile on my face. Just when I thought my smile couldn’t fade I saw Annie.

Seeing her bought all those memories back and my mood changed into foul one.

“hey Aria. I know you are mad at me for lying but please don’t be. See I know what he did was wrong but yesterday when I talked to him I felt like he was really sorry. I knew you wouldn’t have met him otherwise that’s why I did this. Please give that boy a fair chance.

And please don’t get angry. I missed you already. “Annie literally spoke with so much emotions.
I instantly hugged her and apologized for behaving like this.

” so you wanna join. I am going to Starbucks. “I said with much child like zeal.

” no I’ll pass. I have a practice session to catch . see you tomorrow “and we hugged one last time before parting our ways.
I sped away to the heaven of Earth. The aroma of coffee beans entered in my nostrils. One regular Java chip frappe.

” umm ma’am actually there’s some problem back there. We are fixing it. Take a seat and we’ll deliver it to you on your seat in a few minutes. Thank you. “the girl in her chirpy voice on the other side said.

I spotted a place in the farthest end in the corner and made myself comfortable and took out a book from bag which I keep with me always to pass my time here and there.

I was currently reading divergent though i have read it already but I can’t get over the book so soon.

This reminds me I need to get the copy of insurgent too.

“Uh-humm” someone cleared their throat.

I glanced upwards to see the source of the noise.

And to say that the person standing there shocked me would be an understatement.

Ryder. I palmed my forehead in “not again” gesture. I was opening my mouth to shut him away but Annie’s words ringed in my ears.

Give the boy a fair chance.

And I realized I need to get over it and stop acting like some bitch.

“can I take a seat.? “he spoke in his velvety smooth voice. His voice sounded so dreamy.

For a second I transported myself in some dreamland. I regained my consciousness and nodded.

“I know you are pissed at me but please. I am sorry. That day I didn’t mean to play with your emotions. It was just that my friends and I were playing and I never knew this could turn out so serious.”

” I tell you a little story. I was very close to my granny. On her death bed she made me promised never to play with someone’s emotions. And seeing you after that day made me realized that I broke my only promise and disappointed her.”his voice sounded almost vulnerable at that point and I have never seen this side of him.

He always looked so carefree. Listening him made me feel worse on how I was avoiding him.

“I forgive you. I am sorry too on acting like the way I acted. “I smiled genuinely.

” friends.” He brought his hands forwards and I gladly shook it to seal the deal of our friendship.

“ma’am your order.”the same girl who was behind the counter came.

I was rummaging my bag to find the wallet and before I could hand over the money Ryder already paid for it.

“you know you don’t need to do this. “I complained.

” think of it as me bribing you. “he said teasingly.

” ha-ha okay. By the way how did you know that I was here or you just came up here accidentally. “I was really confused about this.

” umm well let’s just say I sort of listened in to your conversation. “he admitted shyly.

” what you eavesdropped. Never thought sometime like you to do this. “I said jokingly.

And just like that we spend hours there. Just talking about random things. I was enjoying every tiny second.

Though I know this for sure that my feelings will only grow more with our friendship coming in scene but I think somehow I found a way to handle it.


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