Chapter-4 ” The proposal “

Like decided next day I put on a brave face and went though the hallways with Annie by my side. Today she won’t be able to join me during the lunch as she has some important dance meeting to attend and afterwards they are going to practice for the upcoming inter college annual competitions.
We stopped at our respective lockers and took out our relevant stuffs.

Our last lecture was postponed at a later time due to some reasons so that means I’ll be getting free early.

The lectures passed by easily. After many days I was concentrating like my usual self.

Everything was looking interesting. Those diagrams, derivations, logic, explanation. Every single thing was making sense.

At the end of my last lecture Annie hugged me and went towards her way for the meeting. She won’t be coming back for the postponed one.

I decided to go to the library and read something to kill time.

I picked up a Dan Brown novel and immersed myself into it. To block everyone out I put earplugs in my ear and started playing my favorite playlist.

After reading for an hour and a half I was craving for some coffee. I prefer drinking coffee while reading. But since no one can bring any eatable inside I had to stopped myself earlier.

But due to my craving now I went to the cafeteria and ordered a cold coffee. The aroma of coffee beans entering my nostrils was a pure bliss.

I can trade anything for a good book and a cup of coffee. Had it been Starbucks coffee that would be simply amazing but I can manage with this one too.

I was scrolling through my mobile while sipping my coffee.

Out of nowhere Ryder came and tapped on my shoulders. He had a huge bouquet of roses in his hand and that killer soft heart melting smile on his handsome face.

I was baffled by the situation for a second. Am I dreaming. No I am not that creative.

But what the heck is happening. My heart beats have started to race erratically against my rib cage.

I stood up so as to come on his level. Now I am looking in those deep blue beautiful eyes. His eyes were replicating different emotions.

He was casually dressed in his white shirt blue low hung jeans converse shoes and those killer features combined together could make anyone jelly on their knees.

After a minute of staring in his eyes I realized he was slowly bending on one knee.

His gaze have locked mine in such an intense way. He gave me the roses bouquet to hold. Our fingers touched and I love the way how it feels.

He spoke in his sexy raspy but sweet tone ” I am in love with you. And I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed, and that one day all of our labors will be returned to dust. And I know that the sun will swallow the only Earth we will ever have. And I am in love with you.” (copyright of John green from the fault in our stars.)

He just quoted Augustus from the fault in out stars in the same tone and expressions that gus used in the movie.

I could literally die now.

Whhaaaaatttttttttt jjuuuuussstttt haaaapppeeeennnneed right now.
I was too deep in a shock to reply anything. I was blushing profusely. I was crimson red. The blush was covering my whole face slowly.

I particularly look like a tomato right now.

Anyone could say I look like a love sick puppy.

Is he really saying those words. There is so much love in his eyes. Maybe just maybe he really meant it. Or maybe this is too good to be true. I was so clouded with emotions that my brain was literally shut to think about anything rational.

“I…… I” I decided to speak and form some words but before I could speak more I hear loud cheers and claps from the back of his side behind those bushes.

I stood there processing for a second as to what just happened.

I recognized them. They are his friends that sat with him in the cafeteria and that girl was also there whom he was hugging in the parking lot.

One of them patted Ryder on the back and congratulated him. “great acting bro. Now we believe your skills.”

Suddenly one word struck out in my mind from that sentence.


Was it all an act. Obviously I was too dumb to believe all this could be real. I am stupid and was going to make a big fool out of myself.

Had I uttered something like ‘I was dying to hear those words from you’ then I won’t be able to even look in his eyes anymore.

With each passing second the truth made a larger and larger impact in my mind.

How all tried to fool me. Is it so easy to play with some one’s feelings. I feel like shit.

My mind was replaying those scenes. One single drop of tear fell from my eyes. And more were threatening to spill.

To avoid making any scene I just ran away and sped off in my car.
Ryder’s POV

We were just chilling in the amphitheater. We got a break for sometime from our rehearsals.

My friends/my team were giving challenges to everyone to complete. Considering I am the president of the dramatics society they told that they aren’t going easy on me.

They all were thinking hard and I was amused by the situation.

Suddenly, my best friend josie’s face lighted like a bulb.

I actually dreaded to hear what has she thought. She acts like a kid sometimes.

She is a little fireball. I treat her like my sister. Seeing her smiling gives me pleasure. These past few days have took a toll on her.

She was acting weird for sometime. I could see from her face that something was bothering her. So taking matter in my hands I finally confronted her in the parking lot yesterday to know the situation.

She told me everything. How she was having problems with her boyfriend who treats her like shit.

I was so angry at her for not telling me all this before but she was so hurt and cried like a baby in my arms.

But nevertheless I promised her I’ll help her and not to get stressed.

To divert her mind I gave her an ice cream treat at her favorite ice cream parlor.

Yesterday’s promise seems to have an effect on her because now she was back to her old self.

Coming back to the present scenario I was worried with the kind of expressions she was showing on her face. With a playful and evil glint in her eyes she spoke, “I challenge you to propose a random girl. You choose any movie and enact it like the original. We need to see how good your acting skills can be. And no telling beforehand to anyone.”

For a second I zoned out. But wait Ohhh this seems easy. Though only problem is I don’t want to do this with a random girl. I don’t want to include anyone else to become a source of our fun.

I retorted back “josie can’t I do it with you or with anyone else present here.” I tried to speak in my best charming voice.

“no that’s what we want to check. How well can you act in front of a stranger. Are you scared? And mind you your charms aren’t working on me. Show us if you have any skills”,she tried to provoke me.

Do hell with the stranger. I am going to do it. I smirked and agreed.

There’s a catch too. They are going to select the girl.

Ohh man what have I indulged myself into.

We went in the outside cafeteria and hid behind the bushes.

Josie was analyzing everyone. There were not much people there.

She pointed towards a girl in the far off direction who was sipping coffee and pointed out to me “there is your girl. Now go.” she hushed me forward.

“wait take these. “my friend jake called with a bouquet of roses in his hand.

” wow man you all are really serious about this. Bro where do you got this from “I asked actually shocked as to from where can they get these flowers.

” no questions. Just go fast. We are waiting. “he replied.

I made my way towards her slowly. When her face came into a view from a distance I recognized her from yesterday in the cafeteria.

She was the one that bumped into me. Hah. Of all the people here I have to propose to her.

She is kinda pretty though. Those big eyelashes, soft skin, those brown eyes and that beautiful face.

Wait…Why the hell am I thinking about her. I cleared my thoughts shaking off my head.

When i stood before her I could see shock evident in her eyes.

She stood up from her place and our eyes locked.

For a second I forgot what was happening. After a minute I came back to reality and remembered why I was here. I gave her the bouquet while bending one knee.

I was comprehending each and every reaction of hers. She was looking in my eyes as if reading my each and every emotion.

I have to speak. Which lines should I choose. And bang on I started quoting Augustus waters from the fault in our stars.

This could never go wrong. Any girl would fall for it.

And with that I spoke in my deliberately made raspy but sweet voice.

” I am in love with you. And I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed, and that one day all of our labors will be returned to dust. And I know that the sun will swallow the only Earth we will ever have. And I am in love with you.” (copyright of John green from the fault in our stars.)

I spoke each and every word with so much emotion. I noticed blush creeping up from her cheeks to her neck.

She tried to speak and my mind went towards her pink lips. They looked so soft.

“I… I “she stammered for a second.

We both were broke from the trance we were in by those claps and cheering.

Jake congratulated and patted me on my back.

Finally I proved myself. But then again why was I not enjoying this.

I looked in her direction. And looking at her made me feel so bad. She was looking downwards like a lost kid.

I saw one tear straining down her cheeks. No one else could see it because no one bothered to look down there. That’s when it hit me.

She felt so vulnerable and I feel like an ass for doing that with her.

Heck I even don’t know her name.

It’s all because of them. It’s all because of that stupid challenge.

They provoked me and that’s why I agreed.

But that doesn’t explain why I agreed to it. I shouldn’t have done in the first place.

I saw her retreating back. What had I done. How can I be so insensitive to anyone’s feelings.

I tried running after her but she had already sped off in some direction. I owe her a big apology.

I had to do something to make this all right.


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