Chapter-1 “Paths first crossed”

“Aria” my friend Annie shouted from behind me.

” jeez stop shouting. I am standing only meters away. “I replied giving her my serious look.

” ohh please if I hadn’t shouted like this you would have passed your whole day standing in this spot. Now come fast with me. Someone is very hungry and needs to put food in their system. Unlike someone who don’t feel hungry. “She added the last line with emphasis. I immediately knew it was directed at me.

” okay okay calm your horses down. I am coming. I know you are jealous of me on how I can survive without food. “I said and gave her my bright smile.

You must be wondering I belong to that category of girls who don’t eat food to keep their weight down. Before you put pressure on that cute little mind of yours let me interrupt right there. That’s completely not the case.

The fact is I don’t feel hungry because of the heavy breakfast I do in the morning. And during our lunch time I became indifferent whether to eat or not. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that on seeing tasty food my taste buds don’t go wild.

I do eat a lot when it’s my favorite food or when I’m hungry.

We entered the cafeteria area. Indistinct chatters, people roaming here and there. It’s like this always. People sits in groups, tries to make fun of others, gossiping etc.

When I look back at past I realized three months have passed of my admission in New Jury University. The college recognized for winning in many extracurricular activities. I got here through my intelligence by passing different rounds of admission procedure.

Annie came here through her dancing skills. She is such an amazing dancer. And with her black curls and slim figure she could easily beat anyone with her looks too.

“Look there’s a empty spot there. “With that said Annie dragged me towards the seat.

Annie took her wallet from the bag and put the bag on her chair. She went to order her food.

I still wonder if I hadn’t met her in the college I would have become crazy because of my isolation.

I am a bit shy at making friends. I can’t initiate to talk to someone. That’s the reason why I don’t know the names of many students with whom I share my classes too. I don’t like popular arrogant people either. That’s why I don’t talk with them.

I may not have a big group to sit with but Annie and I are like long lost sisters. We never get bored of each other.

I still talk with not so popular people. But all of those are merely acquaintances. Just small nod on seeing each other, passing smiles and approaching when there’s work only.

I am not a nerd. I love doing adventurous things. In fact I even curse, bunk classes and go to party. I have been in a relationship only once back in high school but we broke off because it just wasn’t happening.

We don’t click together.

I prefer to live in my own world and remain oblivion about the gossips that is happening here in the college. Those things just don’t interest me.

Annie put her tray with a thud on the table.

I jolted up with my hands on my heart. “Are you trying to scare me today? This is the second time. You don’t have to be so loud every time.” I said

She gave me a sheepish expression of understanding.

“Let’s go outside. There’s too much noise here”

And with she dragged me again to the outside cafeteria. Sometimes she treats me like a baby who would get lost if you don’t hold their hands though it makes me happy to see her caring attitude towards me.

We have two cafeterias. One is in the college fully air conditioned where everyone wants to sit.

And second is the outside cafeteria in the open garden.

Round Tables are there with some sort of covering with umbrella like structure on the top of every round table.

There are fixed constructed benches on the sides. Over all I prefer the outside cafeteria because of two reasons.

First there are less people and second it soothes you and gives relaxation with so much greenery around you.

We picked one round table and settled ourselves.

Annie started eating her food in silence and we both fell silent for a few moments.

“Yummy this burger is so tasty. “She tried to make sounds with it.

I pushed my head upwards from the novel I was reading to see her expressions.

Suddenly my eyes caught sight on the person behind him near corner bench. Headphones in his ears hands in low hung Jeans pockets, tousled hair and blue eyes.

Immediately a thought crossed my mind. Who is this guy?

He has this aura and personality around him that make your eyes glued towards him. He is such a hot personality.

He was walking with headphones in his ears like there’s no care in the world. He shook hands with everyone who was sitting on that round table.

There were about eight people on that table. Big group it is.

“Earth to you Aria. Where are you lost? You heard what I was saying? “She was annoyed with me. I could see that.

“Sorry I was thinking about something.” I immediately turned my glance downwards so that I don’t get caught.

If she will know that I was thinking about a guy she would tease me till my end.

“Something or someone ahaan” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

” Stop it “. I blushed. Shitt how can she know this. Am I that obvious?

” okay okay I surrender. I was joking. “she laughed

” Okay what were you saying earlier? “I tried to divert the topic as soon as I can.

” I was saying we should do a movie night together. It’s been long time since we had spent time together. That way we can enjoy too. “She explained.

” It sounds nice. Perfect. “I replied.

” now regarding the movie……

I looked in his direction again and saw him talking on the phone. His headphones were not there. He was smiling too much while talking.

Must be his girlfriend I wonder. A pang of uneasy feeling struck me.

He seems actually happy on the phone. He was climbing up and down on the side benches. Roaming in circles like a kid.

Just looking at the way he talks is becoming interesting for me.

“No I think we will decide the movies on the movie night only because someone seems engrossed somewhere. “Annie shook my shoulders to bring me out of own thought world.

” Yeah okay “I replied.

I packed my belongings hurriedly.

” Where are you going in such a hurry? “She was sounding suspicious.

I need to get out of here immediately. I told Annie I’ll meet her later and stood up for going.

With one glance in his direction I saw him looking in my direction. Our gazes met just for a second which made me stood rooted to my spot. Those blue eyes were captivating.

Before any more seconds could pass I broke the eye contact and left that place hurriedly.

I ran to the washroom to wash my face to calm myself down. I looked myself in the mirror and saw I was blushing deeply.

This isn’t good.

What is happening to me? How can I get attracted to someone in merely seconds? Heck I even don’t know anything about that person.

With that in my mind I tried to push that thought at the back of my mind.

I skipped the next lectures and texted Annie I wasn’t feeling good that’s why I am leaving early.

I went into the parking area to get straight to my car. Well that is the benefit to have your personal car. You can leave anytime you want and don’t wait for anyone.

College was half an hour drive from home.

At the corner of the parking lot I saw a guy and girl hugging each other. Their faces were not clear but that guy seemed oddly familiar.

I went close to them to see their faces.

And I was shocked to see that same blue eyed good looking guy.

His face was not looking carefree like few minutes earlier. As a matter of fact he was looking dead serious.

He was comforting the girl. The girl’s face was muffled in the guy’s chest. Her face was not clear.

With that view, my earlier foul mood got even worse. I was not in situation to talk or to face anyone.

I sped off as fast as I can from that place.



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