Chapter-3 “The Revelation”

” ann I need to tell you something”.I said in my serious voice.

Her eyes popped out of her eyes like she was expecting some dangerous news to come out of my mouth.

” I think I might have become attracted towards Ryder. “I said with my glance fixed downwards.

I waited for her reaction but instead she broke into fits of laughter.

I was shocked from her reaction and asked her” whattttt happened? Are you alright. I’m not joking about this. ”

She seem to realize the situation and calmed herself to speak ” I am sorry. It’s just that I was expecting something big to come out and after hearing your revelation I was laughing at myself for thinking the worst. ”

” back to the topic every other girl is attracted towards him. So there’s nothing unusual. “she pushed the matter like it’s no big deal.
” how can you be so calm about this. I am not casual attracted but serious attracted. I mean the reason why I was acting so defiant earlier was this. ”

” I was or am badly attracted towards him. Just seeing him makes me uncomfortable in a good kind of way. “I poured my heart out in front of her.

” hmm hmm. Girl it’s not attraction you are crushing on him big time. “she said squealing like a little girl.

” but wait a minute you told me you know nothing about him. Remember. That was all a pretense? “she feigned hurt.

” nooooooo… I really didn’t knew about him earlier. If I had then I would have controlled myself and probably never looked at him like that. “I explained her.
” why control yourself. Don’t think so low. You are a very pretty girl both from inside and outside. Anyone would fall for you if they know the real you. “she said those words probably to make me feel better.
I responded by giving her a smile. We then dropped the plan of watching movies and talked till we can stay awake.

I get to know so much things about her. Those little things that don’t matter actually but still that can be told to your best friends only. I never had a close friend before.

Earlier ones were like just come and go. I am glad I get to know the meaning and experience of real friendship.

Until 4am we were talking. But finally we both were tired from the talking and called it a night off.

Next day Annie went early to her house after eating breakfast. Apparently her mother has some work to do so she need her at home.
Monday rolled by and so does the boring lectures. Even though I consider myself good in studies I still hate lectures.

They can be very boring and most importantly I have to leave my precious bed for it.

Today my first lecture was of communication. I entered the room to see annie waving at me and giving me her teethy smile.

I settled myself in that seat and took out my pens and notes. Ms. Lancaster came and started teaching.

She was one of those teachers who doesn’t care what is happening in the classroom. She would enter like a robot write on the board and leave. No interaction whatsoever.
Since this was a very easy subject none of us complained because in a way we have one less lecture to pay attention and pretend we are understanding.

After the bell rang signalling the end of the period I turned towards annie and spoke “long day it is. Phew. I swear she won’t give a damn even if we play games or use earphones in her lecture.”
“Hahaha true that. You know that girl who wear heavy makeup. She is always texting on her phone. Ms Lancaster never said a word to her even after knowing. “she replied.
Together we went towards cafeteria. Today I decided to eat something from the canteen after all.

She and I both took a coupon for food. We have different counters for food. There is a main counter for everything.

Then there is two side counter on either side. One for chowmein and pizza and other for desserts.

I ordered for noodles and she for pizza.

We were supposed to wait for 5-7 minutes for it to be ready. Since there was no one else in the line there we decided to wait here only till the food is ready.

She and I were randomly talking and suddenly my eyes landed on the person who entered.

There again. He was walking with so much confidence like he owns the place.

He went straight towards the coupon and I nudged annie on her shoulders to point her in his direction.

I shifted my eyes from him to the food counter. Annie was still looking in his direction.

I scolded her “don’t oggle him. Just pray he don’t come this side.”

“your prayers have failed girl. “she spoke with a teasing tone in her voice.
” what do you mean by failed.? “I said with curiosity dripping from my voice.
” he is coming in this direction only. Now wait he will be standing behind you anytime soon. Just 10 seconds. “and with that she moved her face towards me and started whispering the countdown.
With each passing second my heart beat was getting louder and louder.
I decide I’ll get away from him as soon as possible. I turned around to walk out of this cafeteria but instead my face hit something hard or more specifically someone’s chest.
I got blank for one second. My eyes opened and I see those captivating blue eyes looking at me.

My heart just stopped beating for a second if that was possible and I found myself lost in those eyes.

I stood still to that spot and admired his face from this close. I want to roam my hands on the tousled silky hairs of his. I want to devour the taste of those pink lips that he was biting now. I want to just pass hours seeing those blue eyes.
I was dreaming of every possible thing that was too good to be true.

Annie cleared her throat and finally I came back to my senses.

Oh god I feel like an idiot shamelessly checking him out.

“I am sorry. I didn’t realize someone was behind me. “I said guiltily.

” no problem. “he smirked.

I blushed embarrassed by the situation that just happened.

” your order is ready. “the counter man slid the tray of food towards us.
Had he passed it earlier I would have saved myself from that deeply embarrassing situation.

I turned around and nodded towards him just so we won’t look rude and walked out.

I knew Annie was following me and she’s gonna bombard me with questions.

After we settled ourselves at the outside cafeteria Annie was waiting for me to speak.

I pretended to be innocent and contained eating.

“Aria you ignoring this subject won’t help you. You know you are clearly crushing on him as I told you earlier. You need to accept this fact. And you told me you have found a solution. “she said eyes pointing straight towards me.

” I know I thought I was over him but seeing him this close made me feel all jolly in my knees and different emotions rolling. I don’t know what to do. ” admitted.

After much thinking she came up with something.
” this situation need to be handled. See its a matter of two months only and after that he is graduating. You have two options either you approach him or ” she paused for a second.

She seemed hesitant for a second but finally words came out of her mouth “or let him go. ”
I wasn’t ready for either of the options. I don’t want to let him go.

With a heavy heart I made a decision.
” I think I will let him go. There’s no point in approaching him. I will make a fool out of myself only. ”

Annie seemed a bit reluctant about the decision but ultimately let it go.

Even though I have made a decision I don’t feel right. It’s like my heart is saying something else and mind is something different.

I need to clear my mind. I skipped the lectures and went home early. Mom was worried about me getting back early but I told her I wasn’t feeling well and not to panic too much.

I crashed on my bed thinking about everything and a single drop of tear fall from my eyes. Slowly everything became blurred and I drifted off to sleep.


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