Chapter-2 “Sleepover and the talks”

With the sun rays shining on my face I woke up and stretched my arms.

I immediately changed myself into my jogger pants and loose tee and went downstairs.

My house was not very big but it’s interior was very good to make it spacious and give a modern touch. Mom and dad’s room was downstairs and mine along with two guest rooms was upstairs.

Since I was an only child so I don’t have to share anything with anyone.

I opened the door and ran towards the park for a run.

After covering four-five laps I lied down there on the grass and a cool breeze was flowing across my face.

I generally lie there because it gives me some to think and relax.

And today I really needed it. After yesterday’s series of events I have to clear my mind.

I can’t get affected due to some stranger.

I made a promise to myself that I will avoid seeing him as much as I can. This way I won’t get affected and after some time I can move past this attraction.

A smile etched on my face thinking about him.

After brushing my pants off, I ran to my house but something was different.

It’s like a heavy burden of feeling have been lifted off after getting the solution to my problem.

I entered in my home and mom was making breakfast in the kitchen.

Dad came out from his room all ready up to leave for his work.

My dad is an investment Banker. He is very intelligent and I know from whom I have got the genes.

“hey kid. Get ready soon. I am waiting for you at the breakfast table. “dad spoke to me while buttoning up his sleeves.

” okay dad will join you after 15 minutes. “I replied.

I took two stairs at a time and cleaned up myself pretty fast.

After taking a bath it took hardly 10 minutes to fix my hair and face.

I don’t wear anything on my face except for a lip balm.

” yo dad your super amazing daughter is here. “I spoke along with some hand gestures that are done when some big personality arrives.

Mom and dad were looking at me with admiration and tear filled eyes.

I scrunched up my nose in a funny way at their reaction and went straight towards the breakfast.

I smelled everything and finally concluded “there is nothing mixed in the food like emotions pill then why you are getting emotional.”

I tried to lift up the environment.

Dad put a pat on back and replied “kid we were just now talking that how you have grown into such a wonderful woman. We are really proud of you.”

“aww dad that’s sweet.”and with that I pulled cheeks of my dad.

” enough love for today. Now let’s eat breakfast otherwise you’ll be late. “mom spoke after a while.

We sat in silence then and completed our breakfast.

After driving myself to college I saw annie waiting for me in the parking lot.

As soon as I exited from the car she jumped on me for a hug.

” I thought you were gonna ditch me today. “she complained.

” and why is that so ”

” because you seemed a little distracted yesterday. I thought something bad had happened. “she reasoned out.

” naah naah nothing like that. I am okay now. Some things had to be sorted yesterday and they are done now. ”

She seem relieved after hearing that and gave me another hug.

We went together for our classes.

Our first lecture is of economics.

We entered the classroom and passed smiles to other known students and sat down on our regular seat. Second last seat of the middle row.

Mr. Doug came after the bell rang. Everyone sat in silence because he want pin drop silence when he enters.

He is strict and funny at the same time. He knows how to shut students mouth by giving his famous taunts.

He is a good teacher also in the sense he tries to make student understand the intuition and logic behind every concept.

Also him giving lenient marks are an added bonus for us.

The day passed by in a blur and I didn’t see him that day.

Same continued for some weeks. I never saw him for more than seconds. Whenever I saw him in the outside cafeteria I would change my location.

Never ever I saw him in the hallways.
Weekend was approaching and today was Thursday . My much awaited /postponed movie night with annie was coming.

I always made some excuses that I have some work or I am not at home this weekend in the earlier scheduled weekends because I was not in a mood for a movie night.

But last week I initiated and told her that we should do it next weekend.

After putting my books in the locker I went to meet Annie. As usual she was waiting for me in inside cafeteria. Today we decided that we will sit in here as opposed to our casual routine to go in the outside open cafeteria.

We were discussing the details of the movies only and suddenly we hear loud cheers and clapping approaching the cafeteria.

Everyone present there looked towards the source of the noise. And there again I see “HIM” in the center of the crowd.

All dressed up in white rolled up shirt on the sleeves, blue denims and converse.

He still looked the same handsome as the first time when I saw him. Even more than that if that was possible.

All the people in the cafeteria stood up and clapped for him. I was clueless for a second but Annie was not .

We also stood up and applauded for him.

After some moments the loud cheers died down and everything was started getting normal.

“what is happening and who is he? “I finally voiced out my query.

” ohh this. Don’t you know? “she said with shock evident on her face that how can I not know about him and this.
” yeah this. Care to explain. Why I am feeling like I am the only person who doesn’t know about this. “I said irritated with not knowing anything.

” see he is Ryder hastings.”she said pointing in the blue eyed boy direction.

The only person who affected me in a weird way possible.

“He is a prodigy in dramatics. He is the president of dram soc. (society). How can you not notice him? I mean he is fucking popular here. I know he doesn’t do things like all popular people and don’t get involved in any gossip worthy news and all but it’s hard not to notice him every time he goes around by. “she had a dreamy look on her face while talking about him.

If only she knew I have already noticed him.

” enough with this dreamy look on your face but how does this explain all the cheering. “I pointed out and she resumed back to her normal self.

” oh that. I heard yesterday in dance rehearsals that his team has just won this big inter college competition for the first time. That’s why. I have heard people talking that he is real talented. “she was praising him like he was someone extra ordinary.
” and you know what he is not casual flings type. He has only been in one relationship back during his school days. That’s it. He is that type of person whom everyone admire. “and she continued talking about him.

Hearing so much about him made me uneasy.

” how do you know so much about him. You stay by my side all the time. How come I don’t know anything. “I whined.

” because baby you remain in that tiny little world of yours to care about anyone else. “she laughed jokingly.

” I agree but why we have never seen him before here or why something like this never happened before. “I was confused.

” he was actually busy these few weeks and also he don’t like to be the center of the crowd. He usually don’t come here in this cafeteria. That’s why you have never noticed and plus you being unobservant Is also the reason. “she used the last line of tease me specially.

” okay okay. I’ll be more observant next time. So what about that movie night plan. Is it still on Saturday.? “I asked changing the topic and hoping she won’t turn down.

” yeah yeah sure. I’ll be there “.

Soon the day passed and I was happy to know about him. Or should I say Ryder. I mean though I don’t want myself to care about him but hearing about him feels nice.
Now, I can easily convince myself that he and I are two opposite people. Boring people like me is not made for people like him.
Saturday rolled by and it was evening time. I was preparing the things which we will need and the doorbell rang.
“who is it Aria. Can you please check? “mom shouted from her room.

” mom it’s annie. I’ll go get her. “I too shouted back.

I opened the door to see a smiling annie in her sweatpants and a bag in her hand.

I hugged her. I was genuinely happy that I will get to spend some quality time with her.

” you make yourself comfortable in my room . I’ll just bring the chips and everything. ”

She nodded and went to my room.
I poured some cold drink in the glass and some chips in the bowl and took it with me upstairs.

Annie was busy picking movies from the shelf. She was holding two cd’s in her hand. One was the shawshank redemption and second was check flick letters to the Juliet.

“I suggest you take letters to Juliet. The other one will be too serious for us ”

” yeah thanks. I was thinking the same. “she replied.

” so we will watch one movie then we will go for dinner downstairs then after that will resume next movie after that. Sounds cool? “I asked her.
” awesome. “she smiled.
Just like that we played our first movie. There was a comfortable silence around us. We both don’t like talking in between movies.

When the Taylor Swift song” love story” played I looked towards her.

And in the next instant we both started singing on top of our voices.

We stood on top of our bed and did some hilariously romantic moves, jumped and had pillow fight.

When the song finished we were panting and lied back on the bed.

“man I missed this bonding in the past few weeks. I was really tensed regarding us. I mean I thought we are growing apart. “she said with a bit sadness in her voice.

I understood her completely. This was my fault. I was ruining this friendship because of some silly attraction.
I need to tell her the reason and get past this.

She deserves to know.

” ann I need to tell you something. “I said in my serious voice.

Her eyes popped out of her eyes like she was expecting some dangerous news to come out of my mouth.


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